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Future Choice Platinum Water Purifier

Future Choice Platinum Water Purifier

Future Choice Platinum Water Purifier in India

On the earth, only 0.3% of water is drinkable, whereas water in water bodies is highly salty or impure. As far as India is the concern, most of the people don’t have access to clean water. These days water has highly become polluted due to climatic changes and increase in industry in the country. As per the research, 90% of the people are deprived of clean water, due to that they suffer from water borne diseases.

Unfit water could lead to various problems, such as diarrhea, jaundice, cholera etc. Deaths by the water borne disease are common these days. Especially in rural areas citizens use ground water for daily chores. You need to drink clean and safe water to survive or it can make you sick. Water contains many microorganisms which can make us fall ill. The water purifier is the device which helps you to get clean and safe water. The water purifier is mandatory at every individual’s home. It helps you to access to clean water and protect your family from harmful chemicals. Also, it also removes toxic metals and preserves essential minerals of the water. Apart from that, it removes pesticides from water. Also, it provides better smelling and better taste water.

Lead is one of the harmful chemicals in the water which disturbs the ph level of the water. Water purifier removes lead from the water and maintains the ph level of it.

Future Choice Platinum Water Purifier is the prominent quality product in the market. It consists of various features such as multi stage purification by RO+UV+UF+TDS adjuster to provide you germ, pollutants, salts, and chemical free drinkable water. Apart from t, at it is fully automatic, auto start and cutoff, smart control, push fit component. It is easy to fit and simple to use.

Future Choice offers 1 year warranty on the Platinum Water Purifier which is backed by a network of service support across the country.

FC Platinum RO Water Purifier: Features:

  • Multistage purification by RO+UV+UF+TDS adjuster
  • 9 stage purification
  • Fully Automatic
  • Auto start and cutoff
  • Smart Controls
  • TDS controller
  • Push fit component
  • Flow rate -12-15 lts/hr
  • Storage Tank
  • Upper TDS limit-upto 3000 ppm

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  • Date: Launched on 04 April, 2017
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