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Future Choice Gold Water Purifier

Future Choice Gold Water Purifier

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Water is equal to life. Around two third of the body is made of water, even your bones consist of 25% of water. We need 2.4 liters of water to keep ourselves healthy. Nowadays it is hard to get clean, and pure drinking water as pollution level has increased in all the water bodies.

But with the help of water purifier, you can easily get pure drinking water. FC Gold Water Purifier is the prominent device of Future Choice Group, the company makes sure to provide quality oriented products at affordable rates. FC Gold water purifier consists of various features such as Multistage Purification, 7 stage of purification, 8-10ltr water flow etc. This water purifier is the best selling products of the market. Future Choice Group works as per the international market standards.

This is a classic water purifier that is perfect for every home. The water purifier is equipped with 7 filters including RO, UV, TDS, and UF that refines water from all of its germs and chemicals to make it pure and drinkable.

Future Choice offers the 1-year warranty on the Gold Water Purifier which is also backed by a network of service support across the country.

FC Gold RO Water Purifier : Features

  •  Multistage Purification
  • 7 stage purification
  • Storage tank- 8 ltrs
  • Water Flow:8-10 lts/hr
  • Max Duty cycle:75 litres/day

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  • Date: Launched on 04 April, 2017
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